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Midwest Misfits was born of the idea that the midwest gets largely ignored and rudely referred to as the ‘fly-over’ states. Leah and Colleen are liberal-leaning progressives in what is considered conservative, solid Red territory- thus, making us the ‘misfits’ of the Midwest. We don’t quite fit in and imagine there are many more like us and want to find our tribe.


We wanted to know about the issues, causes, and where to find the trends that are in OUR area of the country. What are the hot button issues, political climate, and pulse of the Midwest?

We found ourselves trying to be more ‘plugged in’ than most, but still found ourselves asking so many questions about how our politics work, who ARE our representatives, is what we see on the coasts happening around here too?  What is going on around us that matters… And if we don’t know, then we know those who are not actively seeking answers to the questions don’t know…

Given how busy we all are with jobs, kids, school, and life, we wanted a place to turn to and couldn’t find the right fit, so here we are creating it as misfits. We are on the hunt for the answers through the exploration of issues and trends that are important to the forgotten Midwesterners and want to share what we find with you.

We are the misfits living in the midwest who don’t quite fit in exploring the hot button issues, political climate, and policies that affect the Midwest.

Colleen + Leah

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