Meet Alisha Shelton, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Today on this bonus episode of Midwest Misfits, we are talking to Alisha Shelton. Alisha is running for the Dem nomination for Senate, hoping to run against Ben Sasse… Yes –> THE Ben Sasse who voted against the Coronavirus Relief Package, who spent our money and time on fighting for a bullshi$ bill trying to criminalize healthcare providers who provide abortion care if they do not offer life saving measures to failed abortions, which we covered in Episode One: Ben Sasse is an Ass… This would be inappropriate care for this child. This is for a healthcare provider to decide. Hospice care is loving care.

Alisha moved from New York to the Omaha Housing Projects in her childhood, which proved to be far more dangerous than her urban New York life. She is a gun owner. She is a Democrat who respects the Second Amendment, but has been devastated by the gun violence and school shootings that are a very American epidemic. We need to take action.

Alisha is a licensed independent mental health practitioner and licensed professional counselor, specializing in trauma-informed care.  She is the Behavioral Health Clinical Supervisor for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. We talk about mental health, which is very timely considering the recent change to life as we knew it because of Covid- 19.

For more about Alisha and her campaign, visit her website Alisha Shelton for Senate. Follow her on social media @sheltonforsenate

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