Don’t Be A “Karen”

On today’s bonus Friday pod we are talking about Bubba Wallace, Neuro Diversity, marijuana micro-dosing and Ron Jeremy is finally where he belongs…in prison. We discuss the Trump failure of a rally- thank you TikTok and K-Pop.

New language for mental health… Let us all accept that we are on the depression and anxiety spectrum shall we? Then we are all in it together. You may be a 0 or 1 and other times and maybe an 8 or 25 depending on the day. If we started looking at it as normal for everyone to have bouts of anxiety and depression et al, we believe that it would be less stigmatized.

We also touch on universal healthcare. Healthcare gives life. We discuss this article from Ezekial Emanuel on Vox where he breaks down his viewpoints on which countries have the best aspects of universal healthcare and why. If only we could get over this hurdle of discussing if healthcare is a right for all (the answer is a resounding yes!) we could begin the task of figuring out what way of doing a universal healthcare system is best.

We also break down what it means to be a “Karen”, a “Becky” and let’s not forget about “Deb”. And we are on a search the male versions of these names…

Take a deeper dive into some of the topics discussed today:

Why Now White People

Bubba Wallace, a noose and how a racist symbol hung at Talladega for months

How the ‘Karen Meme’ Confronts the Violent History of White Womanhood

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