Ep. 22 What’s Up Corona, with Dr. Ali Khan

This week on the pod we have a very special conversation with Dr. Ali Khan. Dr. Khan is the former Director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and since July 2014 he has served as Dean of the College of Public Health and Retired Assistant Surgeon General at the UNMC.

He literally wrote the book on managing pandemics:

Khan AS.(2016) The Next Pandemic: On the Front Lines Against Humankind’s Gravest Dangers. New York, New York: Public Affairs.

We are breaking down the state of the pandemic, when it is so widespread?We discuss: Anti- maskers, what he thinks of school plans released, the continued comparison to the Flu (insert eyeroll here), why are POC effected more negatively, the economic impact, political misinformation, analyzing the treatments thus far, and his thoughts on the vaccine prospects. He is succinct and clear in his message.

Listen to this pediatrician, infectious disease, epidemiologist, public health expert discuss all the questions you have been having lately about Covid- 19, SARS -2 Coronavirus.

For more on Dr. Ali Khan and his impressive and lengthy medical career in epidemiology and emergency preparedness visit here.

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