Ep 17 What is a Right-to-Work State?

This week are talking about what it means to work in a ‘Right-to-Work’ state. They make it sound good, but is it really? We also chat with a member of the Railroad to find out what its really like on the union side of life.

We all benefit from unions even if we do not have one in our state. They set a standard that others have to compete against. This is VITAL! Support your union members. The GOP is pushing to have a national ‘right to work’ where union dues cannot be enforced. This is an absolute anti- union and anti- workers rights ploy. If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything with its record unemployment. We NEED worker’s rights.

Stop feeling bad for the employers and companies. They have a plethora of protections. Stop voting in favor of employers. Prioritize yourself. Your family. Your friends. Everyone you love is worth fighting for wages, benefits, and standard of living in the richest country in the world.

Interesting fact, the current administration is not pro union. Wonder why?

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