Ep. 39 Meet Nebraska Elector, Precious McKesson

The eyes of the nation have been marveling over Nebraska District 2’s Omaha’s return of the blue dot after Democrat Joe Biden claimed the area’s single electoral vote.

Nebraska is one of only 2 states (the other is Maine) that allows their electoral votes to represent the district they represent rather than being thrown into a bucket of winner takes all. NE has a total of five electoral votes. Two are awarded to the statewide winner of the popular vote. The three others are awarded to the winner of each of the state’s three congressional districts.

Omaha native Gabrielle Union joined in with a tweet honoring the reason we can all celebrate the Blue Dot legacy and that is NE Unicameral legend: Ernie Chambers. The GOP majority legislature has tried often and relentlessly to remove our way of splitting votes- and Ernie Chambers has time and time again stalled it out with filibusters. He has spent hours and hours filibustering for our interests.  Gabrielle Unions Tweet: “When people ask where my fight comes from, it comes from freedom fighters like Ernie Chambers from the Northside of Omaha. Respect!”

And now we have a new hero to celebrate for bringing back the Blue Dot. And it is the beautiful, charismatic Precious McKesson.

On Dec. 14, McKesson will travel from Omaha to Lincoln to cast a presidential electoral vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

McKesson played a leading role in making it happen as political director for the Biden campaign in metropolitan Omaha’s 2nd District, where Blacks and Latinos were mobilized to help Biden win an electoral vote in a dependably Republican state.

Today we sit down with Precious to discuss her role in this historic moment. She was also in the room when Gov. Pete Ricketts met with black community leaders and subsequently offended their communities in a viral video moment documented by one of the black pastors who abruptly left the meeting. Precious is a passionate community organizer and we are so happy to bring her voice and lived experience to you. Thanks for listening.

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