Ep. 42 Improving Relationships Between Black and White Women

Welcome back to Midwest Misfits. We have an episode today discussing black and white women and how to improve our relationships in work, in friendship, and in everyday life. Most people do not readily have these vulnerable talks or know how to navigate them. We don’t either, but we just keep working at it. And we are diving into them headfirst and have them on here, so that you get the conversation too. We want our fellow white women to hear these messages if they do not have someone to have them with in their own life… And if you look at your pictures from work, friendships, and outings of the past and they are mostly- if not all white women in your circle.

Step one is to listen to our past episodes on white privilege, unraveling racism, colorism, microaggressions, and workplace racism so that you do not jump into befriending women of color without an understanding of the history to be the best kind of human in that relationship… BUT then the next crucial step is to seek out women of color in friendship, community, work, and life. We all need each other. And this next conversation dives into how we can uplift each other and rise together. 

We are joined by one of our bright spots of 2020 which is new friendship with Shawntal-(tell) Mallory who has been a contributor and guest on several episodes. She is a Juris Doctorate and serves as the Chief Professional Development Officer & General Council for Omaha Home for Boys. She has been practicing law for the last 14 years, advocating for youth and families of color in adoption, juvenile, and family law. She serves on the board for inclusive communities and is a LeadDIVERSITY Advocate. Shawn-tell is currently earning her certification in Leading Equity & Inclusion in Organizations from Northwestern University. But her favorite role is mom to two creative black sons, Darrick and Damari. 

Also today we have two new beautiful humans joining us: Candi Jones and Jay Warren- Teamer who will be sharing their backgrounds and passions with us through their own words.  Candi Jones is a  Certified Career Coach, Life Coach, HR Consultant and motivational speaker inspiring people to think beyond their perceived limitations, move past their limited beliefs and move towards their dreams and passions!

Jay Warren-Teamer Director, Diversity and Inclusion at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska and has more than 10 years of experience in community outreach.

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I Be Black Girl

Jay Warren-Teamer Appointed Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Blue Cross Blue Shield

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