Ep. 43 Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt, Legislative District 8

Hey Misfits…welcome to a new year.  As you listen to this episode the citizens of Georgia are casting their vote to determine who will control the senate so I am sure most of you will be glued to the news today, but let’s not let that overshadow the new legislative session is about to begin in Nebraska on January 6th. so it is only fitting that we open 2021 with an interview with Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt.  Ms. Hunt is a champion for civil rights, families and justice reform as well as many other issues that Democrats are fighting for across the country. 

For more on Megan Hunt check out her website MeganforNebraska.com and be sure to follow her on social media.  She has an excellent Twitter feed and I recommend you follow it @NebraskaMegan.

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