Ep. 49 Introducing Say Her Name

Hey Misfits, today we have a special treat. A discussion with Beaufield Berry-Fisher and Katherine Mac-Holmes on their new podcast called Say Her Name. This podcast’s aim is to break down some of the vilest and controversial state-sanctioned killings of Black women in recent history. Each episode will take us behind the scenes of each murder, discuss the case, the players, social blowback, final outcomes and what you can do next.

The episodes are also paired with a second show where host, Beaufield Berry, sits down with a Black woman working in liberation today in a segment called Say HER name, too.

So now, a discussion with Beau Field Berry Fisher and Katherin MacHolmes, stay tuned for an excerpt from their new podcast, available NOW on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google and wherever you like to listen.

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