Ep. 53 Part 1: Brett Lindstrom, Nebraska State Senator, District 18

Today we have a conversation with State Senator Brett Lindstrom who represents Omaha’s 18th District.  Full disclosure Colleen has known Brett since High School and I have known him since college. We were glad he was willing to step into the wolf’s den and chat with us on some issues.  It is always good to see where the opposition is.  We should also note that Brett is currently considering a run for Nebraska Governor in 2022.

Throughout this episode, you will hear Colleen interject some thoughts that in hindsight we wish we would have mentioned, but failed to at the moment.  Also, we had some audio issues so please forgive us for the low volume.  Ok now on to the episode.

Thanks for checking out this episode.  Stay tuned for part 2 coming out on Friday.  In that episode we talk about Abortion and healthcare…you won’t want to miss it.  For more on Brett, you can check out his website at VoteLindstrom.com

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