Ep. 60 Part Two: We Talk Environmental Racism, Economic Stability, & Community with Naomi Hattaway, Amanda and Kiley Petersmith

Back at it with part two of our conversation on the FIVE giant factors in everyone’s health and welfare (Social Determinants) chat. Amanda discusses the marriage equality heart to heart she had with one of her dear friends, which is literally why we do this podcast. Hopefully, if you don’t have someone in your life who will give you these first-hand perspectives, we bring them to your ears. 

We talk about living with disability, reaching marginalized communities, and the paradox of philanthropy. Philanthropy that is religious-based is shunning to entire communities. Those who shun LGBTQIA+ are missing out on brilliant minds and opportunities because no one is going to apply for jobs where they are openly and actively discriminated against unless they are desperate. 

Environmental racism is rampant in Omaha particularly in the realm of lead poisoning that continues to plague our neighborhoods and a disproportionate amount of marginalized folks. 

Here are links to articles on lead pollution and environmental racism:




Omaha is Super Charitable BUT It Comes with Purse Strings Attached to People and What THEY Want:



Philadelphia’s Lead and Water Problems:


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