Bonus Fry: Discussing James Scurlock & the Tumultuous Week

To say it has been a rough couple of weeks would be an understatement. There is nothing else that should and can be talked about other than the senseless death of James Scurlock and of course George Floyd.

What is ACAB? All Cops Are Bastards is being spray painted at protests. It is not about each individual person. It is a system in place that is rotting from within the inside and not just a ‘few bad apples.’ Our belief is the police should not do harm. First, Do No Harm. If you abide by rule number one, then you can move on the the ethics of beneficence, which is then promote good. This is a page out of the healthcare ethic playbook, but it surely applies here too.

De-funding the Police. Yes that sounds radical and might originally suck the air out of the room. But then let that air flood back in with ideas. It is about re-purposing those funds back to the community with mental health professionals and social workers to answer the calls that police are not equipped or appropriate to respond to…

When someone is having a mental health crisis that is a symptom of a bigger problem. If someone is homeless and causing some harm in the community, maybe they just need food, water, medication, shelter, safety. Why have we been sending in police to deal with social issues without education and training? How would we expect them to do anything other than what they have been trained to do, which is to protect and serve with aggression. We still need some muscle to restrain someone being violent, but couple it with the right person to de-escalate and figure out the underlying issue.

MEMO TO WHITE PEOPLE: Thank you for showing up for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Thank you for wanting to be an ally First, do your homework. Deal with all of the emotions and self reflection this requires. DO NOT bring that struggle to POC. They do not have to educate you. They do not have to show you your privilege. They do not have to tell you the solutions. This is all internal work. THEN show up as an ally. And then be a righteous accomplice side by side. There are no saviors here. Its a collective fight in lock step.

I believe a great place to start is by accepting that you are the racist spectrum by default. We have all been subject to racist jokes, systems, and history. We have all consumed it. It is in all of us. If you can sit with that and not get defensive, it will set you free to then lean into the areas that it is in your life and actively work to detox. Racial sobriety is going to be uncomfortable –> Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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