Meet Kara Eastman, Candidate for NE CD-2

We are in strange times, but as you can see by the current chaos, the 2020 election is more important than ever. When you go to the polls or mail in your ballot on May 12th, make sure you are voting for someone who truly reflects your values. That is why we want you to KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR!

This bonus episode features Kara Eastman, Democratic candidate for Nebraska Congressional District 2. She was just shy of 5,000 votes to beat Don Bacon in 2018 and she wants to represent Nebraska Democrats and go for it again.

Kara Eastman is a true progressive running on Healthcare for All, income inequality, social issues, environmental injustice, gun reform, and compassionate immigration policy. She has excited the base since Trump’s disaster policies have hurt so many Nebraskans.

For more on Kara Eastman and how you can support her campaign, check out her website and follow her on social media @KaraforCongress.

If you are worried about not being able to make it to the polls, print your application for your mail-in ballot here.

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