Meet Allison Heimes, Candidate for Nebraska State Legislature

Meet Allison Heimes, candidate for Nebraska Legislature.

Born and raised in Nebraska, she is an Immigration and Criminal Law Attorney who is passionate about protecting individual rights and keeping families together.

Schools are the MOST important item on the docket this year in Nebraska as Sen. Lou Ann Linehan (R)- Allison’s opponent in the seat currently has sponsored bills to attempt to allow the privatization of schools with public funds/ tax dollars.

As a strong champion for families, Allison plans to put families first and wants to focus her efforts on creating a childcare tax credit for working parents and establishing a parental leave policy for parents of new babies and adopted children.

Allison + Colleen discuss her personal experience with being gently told that she should only take two weeks maternity leave (link to find out why maternity leave should be paid. It matters!).

For more about Alison and her platform, visit her website AllisonHeimesfor Legislature.

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