Ep. 58 Meet Sylvia Stone, 24-year-old Breast Cancer Survivor

Hey Misfits! Today we are talking with Sylvia Stone. Sylvia is a 24-year-old car lover, videographer, and breast cancer survivor. When she is not trying to change the world teaching one self-exam at a time, you can find her snuggling her cats, Pickle and Pumpkin, or playing animal crossing with her husband. Today she is telling us all about her cancer journey and if it is one thing she has learned it is that no one is too young for breast cancer. She is working toward changing the world through genetic screenings and monthly self-exams. Here is Sylvia’s story.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Midwest misfits. For more on some of the organizations mentioned today check out these links below:

For The Breast of Us


American Cancer Society

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