Ep. 21 Dismantling Racism in the Workplace

This week we are back talking about systemic racism and how to be deliberate in breaking down racism in the workplace. To remove disparities and racism, we must look at every system and dismantle all the ways it has contributed to the ongoing racism and disparities. Hiring, firing, work culture, punitive action, and all the ways we judge candidates based on their name, address, attire, hair wearing, ethnic markings, their accent, style of talking, the entire rundown of impressions that ANYONE who interviews and hire MUST constantly work to not judge based on implicit bias. Awareness is required. Employment has been a major way oppression and under-representation has flourished. Bring self awareness and figure out how you may have contributed and how you can be better. Growth. We all have work to do.

We have a conversation with Shawntal Mallory, Chief Professional Development Officer & General Counsel at Omaha Home for Boys and Marti Carrington, Operations Coordinator at Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. In this episode we talk about all the ways hiring practices deter applicants and make it harder for minorities and people of color to apply.

Join us for this important conversation.

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