Ep. 20 Meet Mike Tabbert, Rural Broadband Advocate

This week we are spotlighting the timely topic of rural broadband. As we have discussed before, the internet is a vital component of our connectivity, our business, and our education. Everyone deserves access to high-speed internet, but rural America is in the dark when it comes to a decent broadband connection. Just like turning on the lights, you should be able to connect to your internet. Meet Mike Tabbert who knows first hand what it takes to get an internet hook up. Spoiler, it’s not easy or cheap. In fact, according to BroadBandNow.com, Nebraska is ranked 48th for state-wide broadband access. Disgraceful!

HIGH SPEED, RELIABLE internet is a need and should be deemed a utility just like electricity. Coronavirus has only made this more dire. Healthcare, work, education access are all intertwined to the disparities and discrimination across our country when we are keeping large portions of our citizens without vital, basic access and needs unmet in 2020.

Internet is an EQUALITY issue.

Mike also worked the polls in rural Nebraska during the primary. He has a first hand account of the various fail points of regular voting and how mail- in voting has less. As the GOP tries to keep the vote suppressed, mail in voting has proven how effective, safe, and more engaging it is for voters. The GOP has an active assault on voting rights. We have an entire podcast episode on voter suppression if you want to get up to speed on the new tactics being deployed.

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