Ep 31. Secular vs. Non-Secular Voting

Hi Misfits, on today’s episode we are talking about the difference between secular and non-secular voting and why it is super important, maybe more now than ever. We need to go back to our principle of religious freedom and separation of church and state.

Joining us on this episode is Rachele Walter. Rachele can’t ever recall a time when she truly believed in a higher power, and was given the freedom to search and to question. She is currently the Chair of the Secular Democrats of Nebraska and they are working to remove religious language from Nebraska statutes, the constitution, and to combat the theocracy that certain factions are trying to codify. She is also the Assistant Director of American Atheists Nebraska, and the President of Lincoln Atheists. She is deeply involved in local politics and her goal is to implement an absolute separation of religion and government — and to mobilize secular voters for the betterment of all.

You will also hear from Angie Philips whom you should remember from the Nebraska Primary where she ran for U.S. Senate. Angie believes in the power of the people and freedom of speech. She has assisted with the organization of several acts of protest including the Women’s March on Omaha 2017, Omaha Women’s March 2018, Omaha Women’s Day March 2019, Stop the Ban Rally, and Lights for Liberty Omaha. She has assisted in the development of several grassroots organizations that help raise awareness and organize action as well as organized humanitarian aid such as relief for migrant families impacted by the O’Neill ICE Raids. As a Humanist, Angie is devoted to human welfare and believes that we all hold a personal responsibility to lead ethical lives that contribute to the greater good.

For more on some of the organizations mentioned today, check out these links:

Secular Democrats of America Facebook Group

Nebraska Secular Democrats Facebook Group



Make America Constitutional Again: Religious Freedom on the Ballot

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