Ep. 61 Sonita Buddi, Founder of Brighten Our Futures

Sonita Buddhi is changing the childcare game with a BIG idea! A non-profit child care center with a sliding scale so that when a person makes enough money to not need government subsidy they don’t immediately jump to the full price negating any improvement in income and sending them right back to having no extra money. How can anyone get ahead with that model?

Along with tiered cost structures, a food pantry, quarterly family meals, classes for education and self-improvement, child care scholarships will eventually be available for single parents, and then she and Beaufield Berry Fisher run a Food Insecurity page connecting those who can give with those who need. Even if they can collect $10 they pool the money to serve who they can. It’s a loving beautiful harmony of the community taking place. It also breaks down the barrier that middle-income families making $40k-50k/ yr are often those who are experiencing food insecurity.

Food Insecurity Connection: https://www.facebook.com/groups/497249491675731Brighten Our Futures:https://www.brightenourfutures.com/NOISE Article with Susie Buffett: https://www.noiseomaha.com/profiles/2020/12/11/susie-buffett-addresses-the-role-her-sherwood-foundation-and-rh-land-management-play-in-north-omaha-property-acquisitions

Other Countries Child Care/ Family Leave Status: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/25/health/child-care-parenting-explainer-intl





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