Ep. 29 Meet Stephany Pleasant, Candidate for Nebraska Legislature, District 25

This week we are talking with Stephany Pleasant, candidate for Nebraska Legislature, District 25 which encompasses East Lincoln, Waverly and Walton.  She is an education advocate and public interest lawyer….  For those who don’t know, a public interest lawyer is someone who serves clients with limited means and are paid by nonprofits and governments rather than collecting legal fees from clients. Stephany chose this profession because she believes that every American deserves access to justice, despite their income. Stephany began her law career serving Nebraskans with disabilities at Disability Rights of Nebraska, and has recently begun serving students at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Did you know UNL students get free representation in litigation?! News to us.

Suzanne Geist is the current representative and whew is she a DOOZY! Her most recent notable legislation during a pandemic where millions of people are without health insurance, money to pay the bills, and suffering of living breathing citizens in her own state was to…. (drumroll) –> Restrict women’s body autonomy giving more rights to a fetus than a live, human person. She also infamously claimed to not know racism was still around and has shaken her to the core. Just now. In 2020. Welcome to America Suzanne, where have you been?!

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