Ep 23 Anti-racism, White Fragility, Microaggressions and Liberals

Today we are talking with the founders of the group True Blue Progressives. 

It was created out of the necessity of having space where the voices of BIPOC women are amplified and emotional labor is honored and respected. The white women included are committed to the dismantling of white supremacy and learning to walk in anti-racism through listening and learning from women of color. It is a “brave space” that leads with truth – while also protecting our BIPOC members. 

The conversation is enlightening for every progressive person out there who thinks that they do not have racism in them. We ALL have work to do because it has been baked into every system in our country. So buckle in as we tackle hard things. 

Meet Portia Burch:

She/her/hers for pronouns Omaha native, Black lesbian, activist who is, like Issa Rae, rooting for everyone Black.

Meet Beaufield Berry-Fisher:

She/her pronouns Omaha re-native Biracial Black wife and mom Playwright who works in the world of Black history and the Black American family

Meet Katherine Mac-Holmes:

She, HerNative Omahan, community activist and theatre artist. Black queer radical woman magic with a Scandiwhovian momma. Not white-passing, just stealth Black ✊?

Check out the True Blue: Progressive Women in Omaha group

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