Ep. 59 What’s All the Buzzzz About Social Determinants of Health??

Hey Midwest Misfit Listeners! Today Naomi Hattaway who is currently running for Omaha City Council is Co- Hosting with Colleen! Naomi is an all-around awesome human and today we are talking with two other special people: Amanda and Kiley Petersmith. Amanda is a seasoned Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Boystown Pediatrics and Kiley is a nurse currently working on her doctorate and is the Director of Community Engagement at Methodist College, currently leading the way to get invisible homeless populations vaccinated against Covid. She also leads the mobile lead screening and diabetic clinic that serves marginalized communities. 

Today we are talking about Social Determinants of Health which is an obnoxious name that nobody readily understands its meaning. It is looking at the societal environments and communities that determine the health, wellness, risk of disease and injury based on the environments humans are exposed to and are not based on individual determinants like genetics and behavior of a person. It is looking at the environment at which one works, lives, and plays in and how that factors into the health of people within those environments. 

Where one is born, raised, works, lives, and plays exposes them to toxins like lead or unsanitary and unsafe conditions outside of themselves. The cost of ignoring these crucial factors is both fiscally enormous and morally corrupt. We need the general public and legislators to understand all the ways in which we can improve the health and well-being of our individuals, communities, and society. 

You can read about Kiley’s awesome work vaccinating marginalized communities here:


You can support and learn more about Naomi Hattaway here: https://www.naomiforcitycouncil.com/  



Learn about Amanda Petersmith here:



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