Ep. 68 Morgann Freeman, Former Candidate for Congress, Nebraska Activist and All-Around Badass

Today on Midwest Misfits we are talking with Morgann Freeman. Not the actor, but the badass midwestern activist. When Morgann Freeman announced her candidacy at 28 years old, she was one of the youngest candidates and the first Black woman candidate for Congress in the state’s 153-year history. And the first openly queer candidate to run for any federal office in Nebraska’s history. She is an entrepreneur who has done inclusive communications consulting, a community organizer who is passionate about connecting impacted people to the platforms and movements that make sure their voice is heard.

We agree with Morgann that we need more activists and teachers and bartenders and mechanics in office. We need everyday people to guide legislation.  The time is now. Morgan is working to build a movement, collective, and collaborative to build a deep, diverse bench that’s savvy, revolutionary and empowered to get progressive of candidates in office. Polling of the general public, we are actually pretty progressive in thought. You would never know based on the rhetoric and conservative media that manipulate the news.

From doxxed and targeted local young activist to running for Congress to campaign manager for Jasmine Harris for mayor to now creating Campaign Lab which will be changing the landscape for people to run for office with paid fellowships and campaign toolkits for intersectionally marginalized candidates to run and win. Get inspired and join the movement today on Midwest Misfits. Let’s get to the show.

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