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Rural Is Cool

My name is Mike Tabbert. After growing up in a very small town, I swore I would never move back home. Fast forward 20 years, a handful of big cities, and a road trip through the rural Midwest, I live seven miles from my home town in the middle of a cornfield. In this podcast, we will discuss why people choose to live in rural areas. What is great and what can be improved upon, all while exploring why Rural Is Cool.


The Good LIfe

The Good Life, If You Can Keep It

We all know our political system needs some fine-tuning, or an overhaul.

Let’s talk about what we can do other than complain and blame the “Others”.

Join Erica Schauer, Wes Dodge and others as they explore fixes to our faltering political system.

A couple of times a month we will bring you interviews and banter with those who we hope will enlighten us and guide us toward building that more perfect union.

If you enjoy discussions about politics, intelligent or otherwise, Wes and Erica will try to educate and entertain.


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