Ep. 67 Nebraska’s Health Standards with Guest Co-host Dr. Ferial Pearson and Guests Lisa Shulze and Christon MacTaggert from Women’s Fund of Omaha

Today we are discussing what has, unfortunately, become controversial over the new health standards that have been put forth by the  Nebraska department of education. The controversial parts mainly surrounding gender identity and sexuality. Ferial Pearson is joining me as my co-host today with Christon and Lisa Shultz from Women’s Fund of Omaha. Ferial was the GAS leader which is the gay-straight alliance that supports LGBTQIA students and their heterosexual allies within the schools they attend.

Truth is the kindest thing we can give folks. Kids are dying. Kids are taking their own lives or are subject to violence when we do not educate everyone on the harms caused by withholding information, education, and acceptance. We want what is best for our kids in our communities to thrive. Adults are barriers. Adults are bringing their own misinformation and ignorance to fight against these conversations because adults are uncomfortable. Our young people deserve honesty, truth, and information to lead their best lives. Silence, secrecy, and fear allow violence and abuse to flourish. Research-based education empowers young people. When we know better, we can do better.

We ask that each of you share this with one person. There are powers that are trying to shut down this conversation and are opposing these health standards, so our best action is to spread the evidence. Empower others to understand the issue and speak up for it in their own lives in their own way. Influence and educate the people around you to combat the misinformation spreading.

Dr. Ferial PearsonWomen’s Fund of Omaha



Women’s Fund NDE landing page (sign the petition, write your board member, learn more!): https://www.omahawomensfund.org/nde-health-standards/

Access Granted:Recommendation reading list: https://getaccessgranted.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/


Door Openers vs. Door Closers:  https://getaccessgranted.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Door-Openers-vs-Door-Closers.pdf

Insta: @access.granted (best way for young people to reach us)Women’s Fund Freedom from Violence: https://www.omahawomensfund.org/our-work/ending-violence/

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